Memorial Day Flowers & Decorations

As a reminder, the Monday immediately following the Memorial Day holiday (June 5th, 8:00 AM), the cemetery will temporarily close, to conduct it’s annual spring clean up.  This annual event helps keep the cemetery clean and litter free.  Secondary to the cemeteries location at the top of the hill, we are frequently exposed to Idaho’s harsh winds.  These winds cause decorations to blow away, and litter the cemetery and our neighbors yards, thus the cleanup is very necessary.  The cemetery will be closed during this time–please be respectful of the temporary closing.

The following items will be removed:

  • All live flowers
  • All decorations not fully contained within the base of the headstone
  • Decorations that can be blown away
  • Other items deemed “refuse”
  • Worn and/or tattered items

We strongly suggest patrons remove everything they don’t want disposed of prior to June 5th, at 8:00 AM.  Questions about the process can be directed to the sexton, by contacting us.

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